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How to write a good column in Texas

It is easy to write well about your political views, but the way to do it well is to actually write about them.This article was originally published by the National Review on August 16, 2017.

‘They are coming to Texas’: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says he is concerned about the influx of migrants

Texas Gov.-elect Greg Abbott (R) on Thursday said he is “very concerned” about the state’s migration patterns.Speaking during a town hall meeting with reporters at a Tulsa, Oklahoma, diner, Abbott said he was also concerned about Texas’ relationship with Mexico, which has been the subject of increased border enforcement since Trump’s election victory.“I am very…

How the Philippines was saved from the tsunami and the Philippines is back in the news

Honduras newspaper Al Punto reported that the Philippines has been granted temporary travel permits for all its citizens in the country.According to the newspaper, this is a first for the Philippines and will be followed by permanent residency for all Filipinos who wish to leave.The temporary permits allow the citizens of the Philippines to enter…

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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