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New York Times launches NYT3 in 2016

New YorkTimes.com, a news organization with offices in more than 130 countries, is launching a new digital media service in 2016.NYT3 is an all-new digital news platform that will be based on the company’s existing NYT mobile app.NYT will begin offering its NYT3 app for iOS and Android devices on April 25, according to a…

How to tell the difference between an Aussie and a New Yorker

The first thing to know about Australian residents is that they are very much like their American counterparts, the first thing we noticed when we arrived was the lack of Australians in the crowd.We were greeted with a “Hi, this is Mornington” greeting, which was actually a bit of a giveaway as to whether we…

Pilot of Airbus A320 dies after crash in Indonesia

BY MARK RALSTON, Associated Press The pilot of an Airbus A321 airliner that crashed in western Indonesia has died after being ejected from the plane, a government official said on Friday.The plane crashed near a resort in Sulawesi province early Friday.The crash happened during an early morning departure flight from Jakarta.Indonesia’s Civil Aviation Ministry said…

Detroit Lions sign cornerback Darian Stewart

Detroit Lions cornerback Daryle Lamonica signed a one-year deal with the team on Thursday.Stewart signed a three-year contract with the franchise.Stewart, who is listed at 6-foot-3, 200 pounds, played at cornerback for the Lions from 2014-15.Detroit Lions cornerback daryle lamonica signed with the Detroit Lions on Thursday, league sources told Bleacher Report.The 30-year-old Stewart, the…

How to write a good column in Texas

It is easy to write well about your political views, but the way to do it well is to actually write about them.This article was originally published by the National Review on August 16, 2017.

The ‘slam dunk’ of the ‘golden hour’ for the Las Vegas Sun

A “slam-dunk” victory for Las Vegas City Councilors Dan Lasater and David Wessels over a proposal to demolish the Las Venegas Sun newspaper will likely mean more competition in the market for the Sun’s former newsroom, but also a new newspaper, according to its founder.

How to tell if the #Pizzagate story is real and fake

The Washington Post article The latest episode of the conspiracy theories surrounding Comet Ping Pong, a pizzeria in Washington, D.C., and its owner James Alefantis, has become a major news story in the United States.A New York Times article from February 8 reported that Alefans father, James AleFantis, is a conspiracy theorist.Alefants son, James Jr.,…

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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