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What you need to know about the election of the Indian government

The Indian parliament voted overwhelmingly on Monday to elect its next prime minister, paving the way for a sweeping overhaul of the country’s constitution and a potentially divisive reshuffle of India’s political class.Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has pledged to be the countrys “great hope” and has called for a swift return to economic growth,…

What to expect at the upcoming game between AC Milan and Atletico de Madrid

On Saturday night, the reigning Champions League winners will play their first game against the Spanish giants, while Atletico will be without their star striker for the game due to injury.Here are our predictions for what to expect from Saturday’s Serie A clash.

Trump: ‘I’m a very, very good liar’

Donald Trump said he is a very good “lieutenant” who can tell the truth “and a very honest man.”He continued to deny his accusers allegations of sexual misconduct and said he will not step down from the presidency.Trump said he wants to get back to work on the economy and make America great again.“I’m not…

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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