Unsurpassed Quality and Turnaround Efficiency

At Vincentdirect, every step in the production of your marketing materials is handled by state-of-the-art technology and highly experienced, knowledgeable professionals, all working in one of the most advanced printing facilities in the region.

We have equipped ourselves with the latest printing technology to ensure that every job is produced with superior quality and maximum cost-effectiveness.

Our pressroom can handle both sheet-fed and roll/web printing. We’re equipped with a new, 6-color Heidelberg Speedmaster 74 with inline coating, a 40” Heidelberg 5-color dual perfector, a 41” 6-color Miller, and a 28” 2-color perfecting Komori. All presses receive data electronically from our direct Computer-to-Plate system, using Brisque 4 True PDF imposition software to pre-setup the presses. This automatically ensures maximum color accuracy and operating efficiency.

In short, Vincentdirect is one of the most modern, expert printing operations anywhere.