The Essence of One-To-One Marketing

More than any other form of marketing, one-to-one marketing demands highly accurate, up-to-date customer information. We maintain some of the most advanced database management capabilities anywhere.

With CASS Certification from the United States Postal Service, and in-house National Change of Address (NCOA) software, you’re assured of the most accurate, efficient direct mailing possible. Few direct mail providers even have NCOA capabilities in-house.

We provide list data entry, list storage, data cleansing and maintenance, de-duping and mailing list merge/purge services. Our expert, in-house programmers have the expertise to work with difficult file formats, to custom develop programs suited to your individual needs, and work with hard-to-manage relational databases.

It’s not state-of-the-art one-to-one marketing without personalized imaging. So, we’re equipped with sophisticated laser imaging capabilities in full color or black and white. You can incorporate images and messages tailored to individual customers’ interests and needs. And if you require highly personalized materials in a limited quantity, our On-Demand Color Printing capabilities can deliver even one-at-a-time marketing materials with the same high quality and amazingly reasonable cost as our offset printing.