Why the Las Vegas Review Journal is still worth $100 million December 1, 2021 December 1, 2021 admin

Posted December 12, 2018 04:18:17A new review of the Las, Vegas Review-Journal, the Nevada paper owned by the Las Angeles Times, is being published by the New York Times.

The review by the Times’ financial advisory firm, Credit Suisse, is based on the paper’s revenue of $11.7 billion last year and a $15 million annual profit, according to the review.

The Review-Juanita Broaddrick’s allegations against former President Bill Clinton in his 1996 book “A Rape on Campus” led to the publication of the book in 1999.

The paper has been the subject of a lawsuit filed by the former students who say they were raped by Bill Clinton and others at the time.

Broaddrick alleges that Bill Clinton groped and raped her while she was a student at the University of Arkansas in the 1970s.

She is also named in a separate lawsuit.

Bill Clinton denied the allegations in his 1992 presidential campaign.