Which U.S. newspapers have been busted by hackers? November 25, 2021 November 25, 2021 admin

U.K. newspapers Virgin and the Guardian have both been hacked by hackers who took control of several computer systems and posted images online.

The Associated Press has also been hacked, but did not publish a story about the breach.

The AP reported the hacking of its website on Wednesday, citing a source who said it did not believe that the AP had been hacked.

The AP said it is still looking into the matter.

The hackers claimed responsibility for the hack of the Virgin News website, and the hacking at the Guardian, which is owned by News Corp., said the Associated Press.

The Washington Post and Reuters, two other major U.A.E. newspapers, did not issue news stories on the breach, citing the AP’s report.

The Reuters website was not affected, but the website of the Associated, New York Times and Washington Post, as well as other U.P. publications, was also affected.ABC News’ Jim Miklaszewski contributed to this report.