How to read the Niger newspapers online October 29, 2021 October 29, 2021 admin

Nigeria’s national newspapers are under siege by a series of new cyberattacks that have put their online reputation in danger.

The newspapers have been forced to close their doors as thousands of their staff have been told they have been fired.

With their circulation at a record low, the Niger Times newspaper is one of the last remaining newspapers still left standing in the country.

In the first wave of attacks, an unknown hacker managed to infiltrate the servers of two of the country’s biggest newspapers, the NDF News Agency and the Niger News Agency.

After taking control of the websites, the hackers published articles about corruption and other serious issues.

“The news agency is in a state of denial and cannot take the news any more.

We are scared,” NDF chief Ahmed Zadran said.

He added that the hacker’s identity was being kept secret and that they would never release the information to the public.

NDF has been forced, for the most part, to close its doors since the hackers’ first attack.

But some Nigerians have decided to stay on.

“I am in the office of the NDI and I do not have a computer so I can read the news on my phone,” said a resident of the town of Gogu, which has been under the attack.

“I think the news is a bit boring.

We need to make something better, so that people will keep reading the news,” he added.

Many Nigerians are also afraid to leave their homes because they fear the attacks could reach their homes.

Another resident, Mohamed Ibrahim, said that his home was also attacked by the hackers.

“They said they had a threat against my house but they never released any information about it,” he said.