Kenyan newspaper reports ‘significant’ damage to office building in Iran October 20, 2021 October 20, 2021 admin

Kenyan daily Al-Watan reported that the office building of the national news agency, Kenyans national news website and Kenyan newspaper have been destroyed.

The news agency was founded in 1978.

The website and newspaper were launched in 2004.

A news website reported that four buildings, including a public broadcasting facility, had been destroyed and that several offices had been damaged.

The agency has been shuttered since January 2019.

Kenyans daily Al-‘Aal, published by Kenyas National News Agency, has reported that there are at least two damaged buildings in the countrys capital, Erbil, and that two employees were wounded.

In July 2018, Kenya newspaper Al-Aal reported that an Iranian news agency had been attacked and that four employees were injured when a bomb exploded at the agency’s offices in Baghdad.

Tehran has also been accused of bombing several offices of the country’s state-owned television station, Al Jazeera, in June 2018, killing a journalist, a foreign correspondent and a photographer.

In March 2018, Iran’s state media outlet Press TV reported that it had detained two of its journalists in connection with the attack on the state-run television station.

The countrys government has denied the reports and claimed that it did not carry out the bombing.

Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev has been accused by Western governments of supporting Islamic State fighters in Syria and Iraq.

Nazarayev has denied these accusations, and said he has nothing to do with the groups attacks.

According to a report published in June, Nazarasyev has said that the country will not take part in any offensive against the Islamic State group in Syria, and called for a peace process between the two countries.

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