How to use the AP’s Twitter account to make money: You can make $2,000 a month from it October 8, 2021 October 8, 2021 admin

A new way to make a living from Twitter is making money from the media.

Twitter, the social media giant, is offering advertisers $2.5 million to reach 1.5 billion people in Africa. 

“The people of Africa deserve to be heard, and that’s why we’re investing in African-focused content to reach those consumers who are most passionate about the stories they see,” said Chris Dixon, Twitter’s head of global advertising.

“We want to build a vibrant digital community, one that connects with consumers across the world.

We are committed to helping our partners reach this goal.”

Dixon said the investment is part of Twitter’s strategy to drive more revenue for its Africa division.

The company said it will be expanding its global footprint and adding a new ad service that will be available to African businesses.

Twitter has been working with Africa-focused media companies in Africa to create local, relevant content to drive social engagement and promote African-owned businesses.

The agency that created this campaign, Newspaper Ad, says it is hoping to bring more than 500 newspapers and news websites in Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda to the African platform. 

Ads and social media campaigns are growing in popularity in Africa, where most people have limited access to digital platforms.

The continent has seen significant growth in the growth of mobile phones and digital advertising, which have helped drive growth in internet usage. 

The campaign will run through September and will target consumers who do not have access to the internet. 

Ethiopian media has focused on creating content that highlights local stories and events. 

In Ethiopia, a recent report found that 76 percent of Ethiopians said they have heard or read about stories that were not of their own making. 

More than half of Ethiopian news websites and blogs have been targeted in the campaign. 

Dixon is hopeful that the new platform will attract more audiences, including those in low-income communities.

“We’re committed to reaching the next generation of digital consumers,” Dixon said.

“I’m very excited to see how this campaign will help us reach them.”