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The story of how one woman became a superhero is one that most everyone knows. 

She’s a young woman named Jessica Jones, and she’s a super hero in her own right. 

In fact, she’s the superhero of her generation, and the superhero in the superhero universe. 

But before we delve into her superhero origin, let’s take a look at her most recent appearance. 

Jessica Jones has been the star of Netflix’s hit show, Jessica Jones and is also the co-creator of the Marvel Comics super hero Jessica Jones. 

And, after years of fan and critical acclaim, the show’s star has made a splash on the big screen with her upcoming solo film, Jessica Uppert. 

It’s not an easy story to tell, especially for a young girl who hasn’t yet experienced the joys of adulthood. 

We know what it’s like to grow up with your parents’ support and have to fend for yourself. 

The truth is, it’s not easy for anyone to transition from the spotlight to a new career. 

So, while Jessica Jones has become a global phenomenon, we’ve also been able to talk to her parents and see what their stories are like as she struggles to come to terms with her newfound career.

Jessica Jones on Netflix, JessicaUppert on Netflix For more on the story of Jessica Jones , we spoke with the actress’s parents, Jill and Jason, about how they’ve dealt with her transition. 

From the first time she was a kid to when she first began to wear her superhero costume, Jessica’s parents share their story. 

Jill and Jason were both born in Brooklyn, New York. 

When Jessica was 4 years old, they were divorced and moved to Chicago. 

“We were all living together,” Jill says. 

Jason says, “We were a normal family, and we didn’t have any issues.

We were very happy, and I just felt like that was what I needed to do.”

So, Jill started wearing superhero costumes to school, and Jessica became more comfortable with her new identity. 

That was when Jessica was introduced to Jessica Jones as a teenager, and from there she became a fan favorite. 

After Jessica’s first solo film was released in 2020, it was immediately followed by the film that followed, Jessica United, in 2021. 

For Jill, that first film and its sequel had a profound effect on her life, and her career.

“I was working with a studio and it was like, ‘Wow, what’s going on here?'” she says.

“We had a really, really bad time.

We had to go into debt. She says, “I had this idea of what it was, and then I was working at that studio and I got a call from a producer who was like ‘I want to do a movie with you.'” 

So she signed on and started working on the movie. 

 “It was a very small thing, and it didn’t take off until 20 years later,” Jill recalls. 

Then, it didn�t take off at all. 

Over the years, she continued to work on other projects, including starring in films like The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and In the Line of Fire. 

As Jessica Uppsert, she also became an actress, starring in such films as The Legend of Korra and Guardians of the Galaxy. 

Her career has also been a part of the news cycle, which has been filled with headlines about her transition and the film. 

There have been other pieces of media coverage of her life that have also made waves. 

Earlier this year, she shared a message with fans on social media about her daughter, Jessica, her life as a transgender woman, and how she feels she should be celebrated. 

You know, you can’t be an actor or a mother if you don’t feel like you can speak up, so let’s make sure that I’m in this space that I am speaking out and that I can talk about this,” she wrote. 

I’m proud of you, Jessica!

I love you so much.

She ended the post with this simple message: “Please, take this moment to read about my journey, and if you want to tell your friends, go ahead.

But for now, if you’re reading this, I’m telling you: I’m here for you.” 

The world of superheroes has a history of women having to transition in the public eye. 

However, for Jessica, the story she’s telling has been about herself. 

Jess’ story of coming to terms and embracing her identity has also inspired others. 

Here are some other stories of women in Hollywood coming out as trans, as well as the people who have changed the world for the better through their stories. 

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