A few weeks ago the media was discussing the murder of a child. Now, a week later, the media is talking about the murder and the murder’s aftermath September 23, 2021 September 23, 2021 admin

A few days ago, the news broke that a girl’s murder was being investigated as a murder case.

Now it is the news that a boy’s murder case has been reopened.

Now the media’s coverage is a lot more interesting, because of the nature of the murder itself.

Now, it was just a boy, but now a few weeks later, two other boys are being investigated in connection with the murder.

The media’s focus now is on the boys, not the girl.

But that doesn’t mean it is entirely fair.

Now I am not saying that there are no victims out there, and I’m not saying there are many.

But if there is a particular person out there whose murder was unsolved, it is not a matter of who is being investigated but the nature and circumstances of the crime.

So the media has to be careful in its coverage.

So they have to be very careful about how they report the murder, and if they get the wrong information about the investigation, that can lead to the wrong conclusions.

I do not know whether the news media has learned anything from the boy’s case.

If the boy has been found and is in the custody of police, it would be a great relief.

But the boy was not in custody, so that is a problem.

The news media also needs to be more accurate when it comes to reporting about the boy.

There is a certain level of bias that they have got to work out if they want to have a credible, accurate picture of how things actually happen.

I think we are seeing that in the media.

In the case of the boy, the police had said they had no motive for killing him, that they did not know what happened to him, and they have not released any of the evidence.

I think that has led to a very distorted picture of what happened.

I have written before about how important it is to be able to report the facts, because that is the only way that the public can get an accurate picture.

And that is what we are facing with the boy case.

The police did not release the boy from his home, and we have no idea whether he is in fact alive or dead.

The police did, however, release some photos from a hospital, which was obviously very disturbing.

Now what I do know is that the media will do their best to bring us this information as quickly as possible, and that is why I am very concerned about what is happening with the investigation into the case.

I am just very concerned that this investigation is being reopened so that we can see what the police are doing to get this information out as quickly and as accurately as possible.