When is the New York Times best-selling author on Twitter? September 17, 2021 September 17, 2021 admin

The New York Post, the New Yorker, the Boston Globe, the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times are all among the top-selling newspapers on Twitter. 

The New York Herald Tribune, meanwhile, is second, with a whopping 1.2 million tweets per day. 

For those unfamiliar with Twitter, the platform is the home of social media news and information, a way for readers to engage with stories from their favorite publications. 

Twitter says its average daily traffic for the period is 1.3 million to 1.4 million unique users, and the NewYork Post’s traffic is a mere 500,000, according to its website. 

In the past, the NYT and other major publications have also been able to attract millions of followers, but they have struggled to keep them all on their platforms, as they have not always been as active as their digital counterparts. 

Some of the biggest news publishers, such as The Washington Post, are also the biggest users of Twitter.

For years, the Post and other publications on Twitter have been a frequent target of online trolls. 

Last year, the newspaper was sued by a man who allegedly wrote racist messages and threats, according the New Republic.

The Washington Post was also forced to apologize for its coverage of the Las Vegas massacre. 

Other publications have been hit with more than one troll. 

One of the most notable examples came earlier this year, when the New Orleans Advocate and the Chicago Tribune were accused of being part of a group of publications that used Twitter to harass women who had accused former president Donald Trump of sexual misconduct. 

Many of the alleged harassers have since been banned from Twitter, but the New Times was not one of them. 

After the first wave of harassment, the publisher of the Advocate deleted all of its tweets on the platform, but that did not stop the abuse, the AP reported.