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Australia’s most-loved currency is on the verge of a return to a more normal circulation.

The Australian dollar has been around since 1876 and was originally used to pay for goods and services.

It was designed to keep inflation down and is still used today by many Australians to pay bills and get things done.

But with the introduction of the AUDUSD in 2016, the value of the dollar in circulation fell dramatically.

In February 2017, it fell to $US0.01.

That has led to speculation it could be phased out entirely by 2020, and replaced with the Australian dollar.

However, there is a twist: the AUD has the potential to be worth more than $US10.

The price of the Australian Dollar in Australian Dollars: Australia, New Zealand and the Commonwealth (ABC News)The Australian Government announced on Monday it was making the AUD available to buy in its supermarkets, banks and other retailers for the first time since the currency was first introduced in 1976.

This was part of a plan to ease the country’s economic woes.

In the meantime, people can use the Australian dollars they already have in their pockets to buy goods and send them back home.

“There is a huge amount of value in the AUD and it has been a great currency for us,” said Andrew Rutter, a former finance director at the Reserve Bank of Australia.

The AUD is one of Australia’s favourite currencies and is the currency of choice for most tourists.

It has been used as currency since it was introduced in 1876.

“If you want to buy a sandwich or a bottle of wine, you can go to your local supermarket and you can buy it with AUD,” he said.

“It’s been a really good currency to buy stuff with, especially things that you need, things you want.”

When you’re in Australia, you buy a lot of things and a lot are not cheap.

“The government said it was offering AUDs to those people who can afford it.”

The ANZ bank will now be able to convert your AUD to NZD and vice versa for the same amount, without having to wait for an exchange rate to change,” the Federal Government said in a statement.”

Anyone who has an AUD in their wallet can send it back home for free.