Which metro area has the worst commute times? September 9, 2021 September 9, 2021 admin

By K.M. SahooThe metro system in Detroit is known for its congested and dangerous streets.

But for residents in Detroit, who are living in one of the city’s most dangerous parts of the state, it’s not about commute times.

It’s about the city becoming too expensive to live there.

And that’s not just because of the cost of living.

The metro system is also the most expensive place to live in the country.

According to a report released by the Brookings Institution, the average metro Detroit resident paid $8,928 in taxes last year.

That means they were paying more than $12,000 more than the national average.

In addition, the Brookings report notes that the city is one of only seven metro areas that have a population growth rate over 20%.

The average population growth for metro Detroit was 6.6%, the highest among the 50 metropolitan areas.

And while Detroit is a small city, it has a lot of people living there.

There are nearly 6.4 million people in Detroit with a metro area of more than 6 square miles, according to the city.

The most expensive metro area in the U.S. is New York City with an average annual income of $1,936.

The city is also among the most crowded in the nation.

The most crowded metro area is in San Francisco, where the average annual household income is $1.46 million, according the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

That is why the median household income in metro Detroit is $2,739, compared to $2.25 million in New York.