What it will be like when the WNBA takes over the Pacific Northwest August 27, 2021 August 27, 2021 admin

On Saturday, the Portland Trail Blazers will host the Seattle Storm in their home opener. 

The Blazers are currently the second seed in the Northwest Division, two games behind the Thunder and four ahead of the Thunder. 

While the team’s opening matchup will be in Seattle, the season opener is set for March 10 at the CenturyLink Center in Seattle.

The Trail Blazers and Storm meet for the first time in a playoff series this season, as the Blazers defeated the Storm by four points in a Game 6. 

Both teams have established depth throughout the regular season, and while the Thunder have lost five games in a row and are looking to extend their losing streak to seven, the Trail Blazers are a team with solid depth, and should have a chance to keep their season alive. 

There will be three of the best players in the NBA, but this is the NBA we’re talking about, and the Trail Blazer will have the chance to make a statement this year. 

Portland’s roster is loaded with talent. 

Bogdan Bogdanovic is one of the league’s top offensive players, while Kyle Anderson and Klay Thompson are both dynamic scorers who could lead the league in assists. 

Kristaps Porzingis and LaMarcus Aldridge are both young and talented, while Damian Lillard is the best scorer in the league. 

Anderson is an all-star, and Lillard was voted to the All-NBA First Team in 2017. 

Porzingis is a future Hall of Famer and is a player many expected to make the All. 

Thompson is a perennial All-Star and has the skills to be a future All-Defensive team player, while Aldridge is the most talented forward in the game. 

But it will come down to the Blazers’ depth. 

After the Thunder won the championship in 2017, the team was expected to have a top five defense and an even better offense, but the Blazers have struggled mightily in that regard this season. 

This season, the Blazers are the NBA’s worst defensive team, and their overall defense has been below average in all categories. 

With the Thunder, the offensive firepower is there, but it’s hard to imagine the Blazers holding a top four defense this year without the addition of Lillard and Thompson. 

For now, the league is waiting to see how well the Thunder do with a new coach and a new roster. 

On Saturday, Portland will be looking to win a home game against a team that’s only one game behind them, and with the Trailblazers coming off their most impressive victory of the season, it’s likely the team will come out on top.