Egyptian newspaper, Missoulian, names first victim of terror attack August 26, 2021 August 26, 2021 admin


— A month ago, I was reading an article about the horrific attack in Cairo by two brothers on the Egyptian media.

I had never heard of them.

I had not even heard of the attacks in Syria.

They seemed so minor compared to what was happening in Cairo.

But then I looked at the news and I realized that there was a story in the Egyptian press about how the Egyptian military had bombed the media office of the Muslim Brotherhood and how it had targeted a newspaper editor and a journalist.

The news article was written by a local newspaper editor, Ali al-Khawaja, who is now the deputy editor of the Egyptian newspaper.

Al-Khadaja was killed when a missile hit his office, just two days after the attack in Egypt.

He was the editor of a local daily newspaper, Al-Masry Al Youm.

The military is believed to have been responsible for the attack.

I have not seen any information about his death or the attack, nor about the military involvement in the killing of the newspaper editor.

I was stunned to learn that a local paper, which is owned by the Egyptian government, was attacked by the military.

I did not think that it was possible.

But when I read that Al-Yarmouk was bombed, and not by the government, I began to realize that the military was not the only culprit in this attack.

And then I found out that the paper was the only one that was targeted.

And the Egyptian people did not want it to happen.

So I have come to the conclusion that the Egyptian state is the enemy.

That they want to crush the Egyptian Revolution.

The attack on Al-Zawiyya, the newspaper that Al Yarmouk owned, was not a spontaneous reaction to the Egyptian revolution.

The newspaper was attacked because it was a popular paper that the government and its supporters controlled.

It was attacked for what it published.

It is not surprising that the attacks would be directed at the newspaper because it is a newspaper that the regime and its allies control.

In other words, the attacks were designed to intimidate the Egyptian population and to divide it.

It will be a long, hard struggle for the Egyptian masses to overcome the fear that has been instilled in them by the news of the attack on the Al Yabda newspaper.

The attacks on Al Yabsayya were carried out on the orders of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

The attack on El Yabdahiya was carried out by an officer of the army, who did not even know the newspaper was in Cairo, and he ordered the attack because the newspaper had criticized the government.

This was done to destroy the Egyptian Army, and it was an act of terrorism.

And we cannot ignore the fact that it is the military that is the agent of the regime.

And they are trying to use the armed forces to crush democracy in Egypt, and to crush opposition, to crush any democratic institutions, and also to crush democratic political parties, and in this way to destroy any form of political opposition, which in Egypt means a strong and strong opposition party, a popular party.

The attacks on the newspaper also show that the media is the instrument of the government for suppressing dissent, and is a tool of the military regime.

This is why Al-Jazeera English and Al Jazeera English have been attacked so viciously in Egypt and why the Egyptian regime does not want to let these media outlets operate.

It’s not just the Al-Watan, Al Watan, but it’s also the Al Jazeera, Al Arabiya, Al Rai and Al Awsat that are under attack by the army.

These are the institutions that provide the people with news and information and the news is critical to them.

And when they destroy them, there will be no more news and no more information.

The media, the only institutions that the people have access to, are under assault.

And these attacks are aimed at destroying the media, because the Egyptian news media is a vital instrument of democracy in this country, and its existence is crucial to the functioning of the state.

The people need to know what is going on in their country.

But the attacks on this newspaper are an attack on democracy in the name of democracy, and they are an act that the army and the regime want to destroy.

Al Yarba and Al Yaba, as well as Al Yabbalah, are two of the most respected news sites in Egypt that have been published for decades.

They have been doing this for the past two decades.

Al Arabia is a daily newspaper.

The paper was published by the newspaper owner, Al Wawla, who was assassinated last year.

This paper was attacked to destroy a newspaper.

And Al Yassa, which was a weekly newspaper, was targeted for this reason, to destroy what is considered the most important newspaper in