Trump to announce Nevada Senate race with Nevada primary in December August 12, 2021 August 12, 2021 admin

President Donald Trump is expected to announce his 2016 Republican presidential nominee for Nevada on December 19, as he has previously done.

Trump is expected in Las Vegas on December 18 to deliver a major speech in which he will declare his candidacy for Nevada’s Senate seat.

In the speech, he will highlight his position on the economy, foreign policy, and the war on terror, among other issues.

The president is also expected to discuss the state’s upcoming presidential election on December 20.

Nevada Democrats are already expecting the state to pick a Republican, with the state legislature currently controlled by Republicans.

A Trump victory in the state would likely boost his party’s chances of winning the presidency in 2020.

The state is home to a large number of white voters and is expected as a swing state in the 2020 election.