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It seems like the only way to stop ISIS is to kill them, even if you don’t want to.

In fact, according to a recent study, one-third of all ISIS recruits have never even met the group’s leaders, let alone met their wives.

The new book, A Better World: How to Stop the ISIS War, by journalist and author Joshua Landis, reveals how these recruits could find themselves on the path to violence.

In it, Landis writes about how ISIS recruiters work tirelessly to turn young Muslims into terrorists, and how they often employ tactics such as psychological manipulation and psychological operations to convince young people that the group is “better” than it really is.

The book is the latest installment in a series on how ISIS’s recruitment methods are being used to recruit young Muslims.

While ISIS has been largely successful in its propaganda campaign, it is still difficult to find a way to convince the world to understand the group.

In the wake of the Paris terror attacks, the organization has tried to take the fight to the world through social media and other means, but has been slow to find success.

The current effort to get more young Muslims to become radicalized is one such tactic.

Landis and his co-author, John B. Lappin, a former counterterrorism official with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, recently published a new book called A Better War, which they hope to use to educate the public about how to stop the ISIS war.

The two men spent months tracking the lives of young Muslims in their native Iraq.

They interviewed more than 200 young Muslims, as well as hundreds of older Muslims, including some who were not even born in the country.

They also looked into the recruitment tactics used by ISIS, the recruitment strategies that have been deployed in the region, and their successes and failures in their attempts to recruit Muslims.

Their research showed that the methods used by the group have had some success.

In one of the books most important findings, Landers found that the majority of ISIS recruits who joined the group in 2015 were from young women, a demographic that is increasingly being targeted by the extremists.

Landers and his team found that only 6% of ISIS’s recruits were from families with a high-school education or less.

The researchers also found that among the young women who joined ISIS, 90% had been sexually abused.

The findings were published on Wednesday by the Atlantic.

“We have seen for decades that ISIS recruits are highly susceptible to recruitment propaganda, and it has been a major challenge for the West to understand this,” said Landis.

The fact that a very small percentage of ISIS-inspired recruits are actually in the United States has made it difficult for authorities to make any serious headway in combating the group, Landres said.

“They’re extremely resilient and have a lot of capacity to resist,” he said.

The young men they interviewed were not as well versed in English as their parents, or their religion, and were also more likely to have suffered abuse as children, he said, adding that they were also less likely to speak Arabic, a language often used by extremists.

Despite these problems, Landes said the young people he spoke with were motivated to become terrorists.

They were desperate to prove to their parents that they weren’t doing it on their own.

“The people who joined them were very, very motivated to join the group,” he told The Associated Press.

“But they had no idea what they were signing up for.”

In the book, Landys co-authors with Lappins say that the goal of ISIS recruitment is to turn a few young people into the kind of people who will carry out terrorist attacks.

They say ISIS’s main goal is to “force the Western world to take on the caliphate, and to convert the population of Iraq, Syria and the entire Middle East.”

The two authors also say the group wants to use the ISIS ideology as a tool to control other Islamic movements, particularly Shiites in Iran and Egypt, who are critical of ISIS.

Landes and Lappis say that while the goal is not to kill Westerners, they say it is important to understand how ISIS plans to use terrorism as a way of establishing an Islamic state.

The Islamic State’s propaganda is filled with images of the beheading of Westerners or other nonbelievers, they said.

But the two authors warn that while ISIS is using propaganda to incite violence, the group has a very different approach to how it recruits young Muslims and their families.

The group uses psychological manipulation techniques such as forced marriage, the use of fake passports and the recruitment of children, according the book.

“What is being taught to young people is that the West is here to destroy the Islamic State, and if they don’t join the caliphate then they will face death,” Lappi said.

Landi and Lippins say the use, promotion and distribution of propaganda is part of ISIS’ strategy to make it appear as though it is