What you need to know about the Detroit Lakes newspaper’s new owner July 24, 2021 July 24, 2021 admin

The Detroit Lakes Times is the Sun Newspaper of the Michigan Newspaper Association.

The new owner, Mike Haney, bought the newspaper’s website, a new front page, and the front page of its Detroit Lakes paper last week.

The site has a banner reading “Trial of the Century,” a reference to the trial of the century, which is being held in New York this week.

Mike Haneys decision to buy the newspaper comes amid an intensifying lawsuit by the Detroit newspaper over a contract that allowed the newspaper to use a large portion of its advertising budget on a variety of media outlets.

The paper is suing for unfair competition and is seeking to recoup the money it spent on advertising on sites like Facebook and Google News.

The Detroit newspaper has struggled financially since its owner bought it out in 2014.

The Times’ website has been down since April and has been out of print since September.

Haney told the Detroit News he decided to sell the paper after the Detroit City Council voted to make it a public nuisance to print a newspaper.

The council voted to stop the city from having a contract with the Detroit Times to publish the newspaper in 2017.

The newspaper’s current contract with its owner is a one-year agreement.

Haneies lawyer, David Karp, told the newspaper that the city has not yet seen a legal opinion on the newspaper contract.

The letter of intent to buy both the Detroit Tribune and Detroit Times was signed on March 3 and the city of Detroit has 30 days to appeal the letter.

Hanes contract allows the Detroit Sun to publish two-thirds of the paper’s advertising budget through the end of 2018.

The Sun also has a $3.5 million contract with a local television station for the next five years.

The city of Lansing, which has a contract for the Detroit TV station, is expected to appeal Hanes letter to the city’s Supreme Court.

The Michigan Newspaper Associations board of directors is expected on Wednesday to vote on the appeal.

HANEYS PRICE OF THE SUN A copy of Haneys letter of agreement with the city reads, “I will accept the lowest price in the market for the newspapers at $25 per issue for three years, subject to any changes to my agreement.”

The letter also states, “The Sun will continue to publish and distribute the Detroit newspapers in the City of Detroit through the Detroit Local Media Group and its affiliates.”

Detroit City Manager Mike Duggan issued a statement after Hanes purchase of the newspaper saying, “This is a great day for the citizens of the City.

The City of Lansing has a strong relationship with the Sun and we look forward to continued cooperation with Mike Hanes.”

Detroit News reporter Chris Nieztala said the Sun has been using its advertising revenue to promote the city, and said, “It seems to me this deal is a nice gesture by the newspaper.”

Niegoda said he has spoken with Haney about the newspaper and has seen no indication that the newspaper is going to give up its ability to publish content on the site.

He said the deal is good news for the newspaper, but said the newspaper should consider how to continue to promote its content on other media outlets if it does not want to be in this situation.

The mayor’s office said that the Detroit Council has approved the letter of consent to buy out the newspaper.

It did not say when the council would approve the letter and what the next steps are.

HANDOUT/Detroit News Mike Hays new website, the Detroit Lakes Times, has a new banner with the word “FREE,” which references a free trial for the Sun’s free trial newspaper article Detroit Lakes Tribune/Detroit Lakes Times website The Detroit News was unable to reach the Detroit Hills News today to verify the status of the new deal.