Capitals play-by-play announcer calls Devils out for ‘stupid’ comments about the Capitals July 24, 2021 July 24, 2021 admin

A call from an NHL announcer was recently brought to the attention of North Carolina newspapers.

The call was made by Dave Gorman, who is also the play-in voice of the NHL Network and the play call for the Capitals.

Here is Gorman’s description of the call, via the North Carolina Observer.

Gorman said, “You have to respect the players and their decisions.

They’re making the decisions, but it’s not fair for me to make a comment that some players are going to be hurt and some players aren’t.

It’s not really fair.

So, I think it’s really important to have that respect.”

Gorman added, “I’m not a big sports fan and I don’t follow hockey.

But it’s funny to hear that, because a lot of times when you make a call, you hear the guy say, ‘I know the guy that made that call, but he didn’t really understand the situation.'”

Gorman went on to say, “We’re not here to tell them how to play, but I would hope that that would be a part of the conversation.”

After that, Gorman continued his description, saying, “What’s going on in their minds is just stupid.

It makes no sense.”

You can listen to Gorman speak below.

As of publication, Gormans voice was still working for the NHL.

We will continue to update this story as we learn more about the situation.