When Mexican newspapers shut their doors: A tale of the times July 18, 2021 July 18, 2021 admin

Posted November 06, 2018 11:15:08 The New York Times is shutting its Mexican newspaper in 2018.

The Times’ parent company is the New York-based publishing giant Penguin Group.

The Mexican newspaper, La Prensa, is one of several that has closed their doors.

It is the first newspaper to be shuttered in the United States since Trump’s election victory in November.

Some of the other newspapers that have closed their newsrooms are La Jornada, the paper of the Latin American Chamber of Commerce, and El Universal.

The New Yorker has said it is planning to move its newsroom to a Mexico City office.

Other media organisations, including CNN and BuzzFeed, have announced plans to leave Mexico, citing the Trump administration’s threats to withhold funding.

The US government has imposed tariffs on nearly all imported goods and services from Mexico, but has not imposed punitive tariffs on US exports.

The United States has been locked in a dispute with Mexico over the border since Trump took office.

Mexico has accused the United State of meddling in its internal affairs.

“The United States is not paying the full price for its economic and political aggression,” Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray said in January.

“We will continue to press for a fair deal between the US and Mexico.”

The Times said in a statement that it would not discuss the closure of the newspaper and said it would remain open.

The company said it had been struggling with the decision to close the newspaper since early 2017.

The Los Angeles Times, which is owned by Univision Communications, said in October it was closing its Los Angeles headquarters in 2018, citing Trump’s “border wall” comments and a decline in business.