What we know about the anthrax case in Thailand July 16, 2021 July 16, 2021 admin

An Australian newspaper has published a report in which it says it has obtained photographs and video footage from a Thailand newspaper that show a Thai newspaper employee being sprayed with anthrax while working at a media center.

The article was published Tuesday by The Australian newspaper, The Age.

The Australian said the article was based on an article published in the Thai newspaper The Star on June 19, which said an employee of a Thai news outlet was exposed to anthrax at a facility in Bangkok.

The employee was hospitalized, according to the article, and is now recovering at home.

The Star said in the article that the employee did not receive treatment or tests.

Thai media outlets have reported that the newspaper employee was exposed while working in the media center, according the article.

The worker was not identified in the newspaper article.

A spokeswoman for The Star did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The newspaper article did not indicate whether the worker received treatment for the anthracis.

The Thai newspaper did not respond to The Associated Press’ request for an interview Tuesday afternoon.

The AP previously reported that an employee who was exposed at the media facility at the time was released from hospital.

The Times reported that another worker who was not directly exposed was treated and released from the hospital after coming down with symptoms.

The first two workers were treated and discharged from hospital, the Times said.

An AP reporter also was treated by a doctor in the hospital and released.

The story said the worker was released after a short time.

The ATSB did not provide a timeline for when the first worker was tested, nor did it say how the worker’s test came back negative.

The company also did not say how many employees were affected.

The Associated News reported Tuesday that the AP had previously reported on a number of people being exposed to the anthratic agent, but said the number of exposures in Thailand had not been reported publicly.

It said the AP has been in contact with Thai media organizations to ask for information on the number and timing of exposures.

In addition to the two workers who were hospitalized, there are seven other workers who have been identified and are being treated at home, the AP reported.

AP reporter Matt Lee, who has covered anthrax cases in Thailand and Australia, has been covering the case.

He said the information released Tuesday was “extremely important.”

“We are very confident that this information has been confirmed by other media outlets in Thailand,” Lee said in a statement to AP.

The investigation into the incident was launched after Thai authorities became aware of anthrax being shipped from Australia to Thailand via the U.S. for testing.

The case is being investigated by the FBI, and the ATSb has notified the Australian Federal Police and Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

The United States Postal Service has sent a letter to all postal facilities in Thailand.

It is not known if any anthrax-related shipments have been intercepted or destroyed.