Cairo newspaper bans online publication of report on US-Egyptian relations July 14, 2021 July 14, 2021 admin

By The Associated Press, Cairo – The state newspaper Egypt’s Grit newspaper on Tuesday banned online publication in Egypt of a report that said the United States and Egypt had engaged in secret talks over the future of the region.

The paper said it had received “reports” that the report was published by a website called Al-Jazeera English and that the newspaper would not publish it.

“This is a serious mistake.

The Grit paper will not publish this article,” the newspaper said in a statement.

“We do not publish articles or even a portion of articles from such websites, and we have always stressed that we do not accept any kind of interference with our editorial decisions.”

The state-run Al-Ahram newspaper, which is widely believed to be controlled by the United Arab Emirates, published the report on Monday.

It said the report’s claims were based on information it had obtained through interviews with more than 50 current and former Egyptian officials and officials from the government and military, as well as Egyptian media and human rights groups.

The article said Egypt’s intelligence services had gathered information about the negotiations between Egypt and Washington that resulted in a peace treaty signed in 2012.

The report, which was written by Egypt’s Deputy Interior Minister, Mohamed Badreddine, said that the U.S. and Egypt were considering a deal that would allow them to resume their long-stalled negotiations on how to end their decades-long civil war.

The agreement, known as the Mideast Peace Initiative, was supposed to resolve the conflict between the Sunni Arab states of Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt and also include Jordan and the Palestinian Authority.

The United States has called the MIP the “gold standard” for peace efforts in the region and has called for it to be implemented.

The State Department issued a statement Monday saying it “condemns any efforts to use Egypt’s MIP as a cover for any other purpose.”

“We urge all parties to respect Egypt’s legitimate interests in resolving the Mip and working toward a political solution,” the statement said.

The Egyptian government has repeatedly called for the MDP and its predecessors to be respected and has said that Egypt’s military has not yet left power, but it has stepped up its military operations in the Sinai Peninsula.

The Cairo newspaper report was one of several recent developments that has angered the United State.

In November, Egypt’s Foreign Ministry accused the U, which controls the United Nations Security Council, of using its veto on a resolution condemning the killing of a prominent U.N. official, Riyad Mansour, in December 2016.

The ministry said the U., which also blocks access to the Internet in Egypt, had violated its own commitments.

Egypt’s U.

Ns. representative, Abdelfattah El-Haddad, said Monday that his office was working on a draft resolution that condemned the killing and would be presented to the UN.

Security Council later this week.

“They are doing this to silence us,” El-Hatad said.

Egypt and the United Kingdom are also engaged in a dispute over the sale of $1.3 billion in military hardware to Egypt.

The U.K. and Egyptian officials have called the arms sales a matter of national security and demanded that Egypt cease selling weapons to the two nations.

Egypt has rejected the U.’s demand and accused Britain of illegally transferring weapons to Egypt before the end of the Egyptian military’s rule in the country.