Why Trump is in danger of missing the 2018 midterm elections July 8, 2021 July 8, 2021 admin

A lot has changed since November 8, when the Republican presidential nominee lost the popular vote and the election to Democratic nominee and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Trump’s approval rating is now at a new low in a number of key battleground states.

But it’s not just the public’s perception of Trump that’s hurt.

A new CBS News poll shows the country is less optimistic about the economy, job growth and unemployment than it was in 2016.

And Americans are much less likely to say they’re optimistic about how the country will be able to solve its economic problems in the future, even though many Americans see the problems they have in their lives getting worse, CBS News national correspondent David Begnaud reports.

This is an issue that has become a focus of Republican candidates, as Democrats try to take advantage of the public mood.

And Republicans are trying to capitalize on the mood with a message that is more positive and more optimistic than the Democratic Party.

In the weeks leading up to the election, Republican candidates have focused on their party’s record of success.

They have said that their policies are designed to help the middle class, while Clinton has framed her campaign as a fight against income inequality.

Democrats have been trying to shift the conversation, focusing on issues such as gun control, health care and climate change.

In fact, many Democrats believe that Trump’s presidency has been a turning point for the country.

They say the economic policies that have resulted in the most jobs lost have been the ones that most directly impacted their own communities.

For them, Trump’s economic policies have been a key reason why Americans feel left behind.

“It was the policies that had the biggest impact on the people that had been left behind,” said Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.).

“It’s really hard for us to hear our voices, to see our families, our friends and our neighbors struggling and struggling, and to think about the future when we can’t see a future.”

Waters is one of the Democratic candidates in the 2018 midterms.

She and other Democrats have said they’re confident that Trump will be a major factor in the midterm elections.

“He has been an unprecedented president, and he has set an agenda that has not only failed to deliver, but that has been harmful to our country,” Waters said.

The Democrats are right.

The Republican agenda has been the most harmful to American families.

Trump, in fact, has presided over a series of major changes in the economy that have hurt the middle and working classes, especially white working-class Americans.

He has rolled back some of the biggest gains Americans have made in the past generation, slashed federal spending, increased regulations, and pushed back against labor unions that have had a strong presence in the labor movement.

But he has also created more than a dozen new regulations, pushed back on environmental protections, and tried to overturn key Obama-era regulations.

And Trump has signed into law laws that have caused millions of Americans to lose their jobs and put millions more into poverty.

In addition to the economic issues that have impacted the country, the Democrats have taken on a number other issues, including a growing number of undocumented immigrants and the fight over the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which is being negotiated between the United States and 12 other nations.

Both Democrats and Republicans have been working on a plan to make the country more open and transparent to the public and to the world, which would be in keeping with Trump’s campaign promise to make America more open, transparent and free.

Trump has said that he wants to be a leader on the international stage.

He’s promised to make his country great again and he will make America great again if he’s elected president.

But the Democrats believe his election has put a damper on their hopes for a positive future.

“I have seen with my own eyes what has been happening to America and to this country,” Rep. Raúl Grijalva (D) said.

“If Trump is reelected, there’s no way we’re going to be able, under any circumstance, to put a true pro-growth agenda that will actually benefit the American people and help our economy get back on track.”

If you want to see real change in this country, you have to have real leadership and you have’t got that right now,” he said.