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Minnesota residents could soon have their own local holiday, thanks to a new plan from the city of Omaha.

The city is introducing a “Day of Giving” to mark the holiday and to offer some relief to those in need.

The program is being implemented as part of an ongoing effort to increase access to healthcare and services for people living with chronic illnesses.

It’s expected to save the city some $200,000 in the coming year, Mayor Tom Kranz said in a statement.

“This initiative is a win-win for everyone involved,” Kranzer said.

“This initiative will help us reach our community and make our neighborhoods safer and healthier for the residents who are most in need.”

The program will be announced on Thursday and will include food trucks, music, storytelling and art, with plans to hold a fundraiser in the spring to support the effort.

The initiative is part of the city’s Healthy City program, which aims to increase community-based health initiatives, increase funding for mental health services and improve public safety by improving access to community-wide health services.