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The National Review has published an article on the “breaking news” that the U.S. House of Representatives voted to pass the USA Freedom Act, a bill that would give Americans the right to choose whether to return to the United States if the government becomes too intrusive in their lives.

It’s one of the most notable developments in recent years, but the National Review’s article is in response to an article by Rep. Ted Poe, a Republican from Texas, that called for an end to the USA Act.

In Poe’s article, he argued that the USA legislation would create “a government that can spy on its citizens without due process, which, of course, the NSA has never done.

This is an Orwellian nightmare.”

The USA Act, Poe wrote, would also allow for the “federal government to force Americans to surrender their constitutional rights in order to comply with their government’s surveillance requests.”

“The bill would give the government even more power to invade the rights of American citizens and give the NSA more authority to spy on the private communications of ordinary Americans,” Poe said.

“This bill would make it easier for the government to monitor American citizens without any judicial oversight or oversight committees.

This bill would allow the NSA to spy directly on Americans without any legal oversight and without any oversight of the government.

This legislation would allow for an unchecked expansion of the surveillance state and a new Orwellian surveillance state.”

The House passed the USA Bill in June, and is expected to take up the USA bill on Wednesday.

Poe said in a press release that he was “trying to find a middle ground” in the debate.

“We must recognize the right of Americans to have their own privacy, to have a right to decide who to associate with, to choose when and where they associate,” Poe told reporters.

“The USA Freedom act is not a solution to a problem, but a solution in and of itself.

We must work together to craft a solution that protects the privacy of Americans.”

In his press release, Poe said the USA House passed its own version of the bill earlier this year, but that it was “not sufficiently balanced.”

He called for more “real balance” on the USA-USA bill, including a provision that would prevent the government from spying on Americans’ online communications.

Poe also called for a constitutional amendment, which he said would require a two-thirds vote in both chambers of Congress to pass.

He called the USA bills “a dangerous step backward in our constitutional system.”

“While the USAFreedom Act does not contain enough safeguards to prevent the federal government from violating our constitutional rights, it is an important step forward for our democracy,” Poe wrote.

“It would allow Americans to choose to return, instead of being forcibly relocated abroad, if they are subject to government spying.”