Which club will take on Roma in the Serie A? July 6, 2021 July 6, 2021 admin

It’s a big ask for the Juventus fans, who have been waiting to see whether their team will qualify for the Champions League knockout stages.

In the absence of a direct result from the Bianconeri, the Serie B side will travel to the capital, Rome, to face Roma on Thursday.

A defeat would mean that Juve would have to play at home to Napoli or at home against Roma.

It remains to be seen whether the Biancocelesti will be able to cope with the conditions and have enough players available to fight for a point.

It’s also unclear whether they’ll be able play in a more competitive atmosphere or whether they will be allowed to host a Champions League game. 

The Bianconeria are in their own little corner of Serie B, the fourth-division tier in Italy, and the Serie C, in the top flight of the same league.

In recent seasons, the Biancoliche have played at home away to Sampdoria, on the banks of the River Danube and in Turin.

In fact, the last time the Biancos played in Rome was in 2014, when they beat Sampdori 2-1.

The Biancoles have played their last three games away to Juventus, losing their last two matches. 

Last season, Juventus won their opening four games in Serie A, but were then knocked out in the first round by Napoli.

Juve have now lost their last four Serie A games in the Champions league, with the Biancatas winning three and drawing two.

It was also a year ago that Juventus lost 3-1 at home in Turini, but the Biancans won the last two in Rome. 

Juventus have won the league in every year since their inception in the mid-1970s, winning the Serie d’Italia in the process.

They were the first Italian club to reach the semi-finals of the Champions Cup and reached the quarter-finals in each of the last four editions.

They are also the only Italian side in the last 20 years to reach two successive European Cups. 

 Juve are one of two teams in Serie B that can claim a Champions’ League win after winning a trophy in the previous two seasons. 

Bianconeri fans are used to the big games, however, as they have endured a difficult run of results.

They have reached the knockout stages only once in the past 30 years.

Last season, the Italian side finished bottom of the league, three points behind Lazio. 

With the recent results, the coach Gianfranco Zola is likely to have more confidence in the team’s ability than ever before. 

In order to get a result, the Juve manager will have to bring out the best from the players. 

At 34-years-old, Zola has only won seven Serie A matches since his arrival in Turino in 2015, but has already won the Europa League and the Coppa Italia. 

A win against the Giallorossi could give Zola a better feeling about his team, as he has only beaten Juventus once in his first season in charge. 

Zola will have a lot of confidence in his team after their recent results. 

While Juventus have the best defence in Serie D, they are far from the best in Serie C. Juventas midfield has been criticised in recent years, with Massimiliano Allegri’s side conceding 11 goals last season. 

However, Zana could be forgiven for his side’s poor form if he is to achieve more than his first-leg result against the Biancorini. 

Despite their recent performances, Juventus have been unable to make a major breakthrough. 

Although the club is in the bottom half of the table, the club’s fans remain convinced that they are capable of getting to the knockout rounds. 

As for the Biancomerca, it is hard to predict the result.

The team has only played three matches in Serie E this season, but they have already secured two points in the league. 

They have not played a game since September, when Juventus lost 2-0 at Lazio, and it is unclear whether the squad has recovered from that setback. 

It will be difficult for Juventus to progress past the second round of the Europa Cup, as it is difficult to win back-to-back games against the champions.