India-Pakistan ties hit a new low, poll shows July 4, 2021 July 4, 2021 admin

A survey by a leading Indian newspaper says that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s new government is set to see a drop in support and approval ratings.

The Times of India survey, published on Thursday, says that just 18% of respondents approved of the way the new government was handling the country’s relations with the neighbouring country.

In its latest poll, conducted in the last week of February, the Times of Indian found that only 25% of Indians approved of Prime Minister Modi’s performance as leader, while 51% disapproved.

The number of respondents who were either dissatisfied or disapproved of the performance of the government stood at 43%.

This was followed by a rise in disapproval of the new prime minister’s handling of India- Pakistan ties, with 52% disapproving and 44% approving.

The survey showed a dip in approval of the BJP’s performance, with 31% disapprovers and 40% approval.

The party’s support stood at 26%.

The survey also found that 71% of those surveyed said that India-Pak ties were worse than before the Uri attack.

The figure was higher than at any time since the attacks, when 65% said it was worse than it was.

The BJP was also seen to be more popular than at previous times, with 64% saying they had a positive opinion of the party and 56% saying it was very or somewhat positive.

The poll also found a sharp drop in the number of people who were dissatisfied with the performance.

The number of those who were satisfied with the way Modi was handling his government dropped to 18%, down from 29% in the previous poll.

The increase in the dissatisfaction with the government was more pronounced among the young, with 57% of them saying that they were satisfied.

Among the older respondents, the number was down from 26% in December to 23% in January.