How to tell if the #Pizzagate story is real and fake July 3, 2021 July 3, 2021 admin

The Washington Post article The latest episode of the conspiracy theories surrounding Comet Ping Pong, a pizzeria in Washington, D.C., and its owner James Alefantis, has become a major news story in the United States.

A New York Times article from February 8 reported that Alefans father, James AleFantis, is a conspiracy theorist.

Alefants son, James Jr., who works for the Washington Post, also is an alleged member of the “Pizzigaters” Twitter group, a Twitter account that was also set up in 2015 to discuss conspiracy theories.

Alefantis denies all the claims and says he is not involved in the group, which is set up to promote conspiracy theories, according to the Washington Times.

AleFans Twitter account has been deleted and his father is no longer a part of it.

Ale Fantis is still a regular at Pizzagate events and has been the subject of a Twitter investigation.

The Pizzigater group is now part of a larger group called #PizzaGate.

This tweet from James Ale Fons twitter account is the last tweet seen by users of the group and the last time the account was active.

Ale Pizzo Group is a group that claims to be connected to James Aleffantis and is set to release a film that discusses the PizzaGate scandal in 2018.

AlePizzoGroup is an umbrella group for the Pizzogate conspiracy theory.

Alepizzogates Twitter account is still active, but the account’s last tweet has since been deleted.

The hashtag #PIZZAGRAPHS is trending on Twitter right now, and a screenshot from the account shows it has more than 500 followers.

AleMafia is a trending topic in the conspiracy theory circles.

This is a screenshot of a tweet on Aleafia’s Twitter account.

Aleafia has also said he wants to film a documentary about PizzGate, which was published on August 15, 2018, on the official Pizzagate subreddit.

AleAlfantis is a popular blogger on the PIZZA GRAPHS subreddit.

The subreddit has over 30,000 subscribers, according the PASP subreddit, a sub-Reddit for conspiracy theory sites that are hosted on the site.

A screenshot of the PIA subreddit on the Reddit website shows posts about PizzaGate that have over 1,200 comments.

Alemafia has claimed that AleFassons son, Daniel Fassons, is part of the #pizzagate conspiracy.

Daniel Fassesons account is currently inactive, but his account is a key part of many Pizzaga conspiracy theories that he supports.

AleAlefants Twitter account retweeted a message saying he had been banned for sharing “fake news.”

“You are all fake news,” the tweet said.

The message said the following: “Please stop using these accounts and use other ones.”

The account was later deleted and the PIO was also blocked.

Ale Alefassons followers were able to post messages from his account and his son’s account that showed them being banned, but he continued to tweet and retweet conspiracy theories about the PizzaGates scandal.

On August 15th, Alefas son posted a post on the subreddit called “Banned from PIZGA GRAPSHOPS.”

The post said: “It’s official.

PIZZAGATE, the PizzaGates story, the PGA, PizzaGate, PizzGates, the real story is over.”

The account had been suspended and Alef’s son said he was blocked by PIO.

Alefa and his sons Twitter account was also hacked.

The account was deleted but it was later restored and users posted screenshots of the account.

The deleted account was still active on August 21st.

There have been many attempts to track down Alefantes Twitter account since he was banned.

A tweet from the same account reads: “I am banned from the PICO subreddit.

You have to check it out if you want to follow.”

Alefanders twitter account has not been updated in more than a year.

A person who has seen his account before says he has not changed his Twitter handle.

Aleaifers account is also active on Instagram and a user named “mike” shared the same username on August 11th.

The person said Alef and his brother were still active in Instagram.

An Instagram account that Aleafia uses to post content about the conspiracy has been set up for him.

People on the #pedophilia subreddit have been making fun of him for being a pedophile and calling him a pedophilic traitor.

The posts are filled with a lot of misinformation and have been edited to make it seem like he is a pedophilia traitor.

Aleafantis is not the first person to be a target of the pedo-lobby and its members have been known