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On Thursday, September 27, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers unveiled a new look to their home stadium, a nod to the team’s new uniforms.

The new design for the home arena will feature black-and-white graphics on the side of the stadium, with the team logo in a silver circle on the upper right side of a white-and/or white-striped uniform.

“The Tampa Bay Bucs are the first team to truly embrace the modern look of the team with a modern and modern-day look,” said Buccaneers President Tom Coughlin.

“The Bucs’ team colors will be black and white, with a white stripe on the front, and the team crest in silver.”

The new uniform will be available for pre-order from October 6.

The team will play a home-and.

away series against the Carolina Panthers in 2018, and will then return to Tampa for the 2017 season. 

The Bucs had not announced a stadium site for their new home.

The Tampa Tribune said that the team was working with a design firm to produce the new uniforms, and it would be revealed in October. 

Tampa is one of the few professional sports teams to not have a home team, with two other professional teams, the St Louis Rams and Miami Dolphins, also playing in cities outside the US. 

“This was something that was on the radar for a long time and now it’s finally happening,” said Joe Johnson, president of Tampa Bay Athletics.

“It’s been an exciting process and we are very excited for fans and fans of the Bucs.”

This will be a huge step in the direction of Tampa as a new city.

“We feel very fortunate to have the team and the people to play at home.

The Tampa Bay Rays and the Tampa Cardinals have a great history, and I think that we will continue to build on that.”

But this is a huge opportunity to bring a new era to the city of Tampa, and we’re looking forward to doing that.