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Chattanooga, TN—October 3, 2017—As Chattanooga’s business community has grown and transformed over the past decade, leaders from all walks of life have emerged as leaders to guide the region through a period of transition.

For years, Chattanooga has been at the center of a regional transformation, and a number of leaders have stepped forward to help guide the city through this challenging time.

From leading the construction of the new Interstate 5 tunnel, to leading the fight to build a new arena, to spearheading the fight for the city’s long-awaited new transit system, Chattanooga’s leaders have made significant contributions to shaping the future.

Now it is up to them to lead this city through the next phase of this transformation.

To honor these remarkable individuals, we have compiled a list of Chattanooga’s most prominent leaders who have helped shape the city of Chattanooga into a leading place.

The list is comprised of CEOs, COOs, CFOs, and COO-level employees.

These individuals have taken leadership roles in building and expanding the city and are integral to our local economy.

We want to highlight the role they play in shaping the lives of the people of Chattanooga, not only because they represent the region’s economic dynamism, but also because they are the best leaders Chattanooga has to offer.

“Leadership is not just about having a plan, it is also about building a vision for the future,” said Richard Schmid, Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke’s Senior Vice President for Strategy and Communications.

“This is a city that is driven by the values of inclusion, fairness, and equality, and it is a strong leader that brings these values to the forefront.”

The list of leaders includes the leaders of each of the three major corporations that make up the Chattanooga International Airport Authority (CHIA).

Chattanooga’s airport is a major hub for international commerce and has the ability to attract nearly $300 billion in economic activity each year.

CHIA’s CEO is CEO Andy Berkes, who has overseen a strong business performance for the company, as well as the success of the airport’s expansion efforts and efforts to attract more jobs.

As CEO, Berkes has led the airport to an annual profit of $9 billion.

As a result, Berke and CHIA have grown the airport from an airport with an operating loss to an operating profit of nearly $2 billion annually.

The airport is currently in the process of constructing a new terminal and is looking to hire over 100,000 new people to fill its current workforce of about 2,300.

CHI is also the home of the University of Tennessee and Chattanooga’s largest public university.

CHIE has the capacity to employ approximately 500,000 people and has committed over $1 billion to the university.

In the past year, the university has completed construction on the new football stadium, which is expected to open in 2019.

CHIO’s CEO, Chris Lacy, is the chairman of the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and serves as a member of the chamber’s board of directors.

Lacy serves as the chambers chief lobbyist, having helped lead efforts to enact major business and economic policies that are helping to revitalize the region.

Lacey also sits on the CHIO board of advisors.

In addition to his leadership role with CHIO, Lacy is a member, along with his wife, Sue, of the citys chamber of commerce.

CHILDRENCHATTER CHAMPIONSHIP AND CREWMANSHIP CHAMPIONS: CHIA CEO Andy Berry and his wife Sue, are a proud members of the CHIA board of advisory, with a total annual compensation of $1.6 million.

The couple is also co-chairs of the Chattanooga Childrens Council, which works to improve children’s health, education, and economic opportunities in the region, including promoting a safe and nurturing environment for children.

Berry, who also serves as chairman of Chattanooga Children’s Council, has been honored by the Chattanooga Business and Economic Development Council, as a fellow of the Chamber of Business and Industry and the Chattanooga Chamber of Industry.

Berry and Sue Berry are also cofounders of Chattanooga Leadership Network, a nonprofit organization that promotes civic engagement and philanthropy for local business and community leaders.

Berry is a Chattanooga native who has been active in local government for more than 30 years.

He was elected to the Chattanooga City Council in 2007 and served on the board of the Childrens’ Council from 2010-2015.

CHILEAN BUSINESSMAN: Santiago Barreto is the CEO of Spanish-language television network El Tiempo de España (El Tiempos) and the chair of the board for the Chamber’s Chamber of Enterprise, which focuses on entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurship community.

A native of Santiago de Chile, Barretos is the founder and chairman of El Tiemanas de Avila, an entrepreneurship consulting company.

El Tiemenas de Avaleza is a leading provider of education to the young people of Santiago and other municipalities in