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A republican country is a government in which the president is not elected, nor is he in charge of the military.

A republic is not just a government, it’s a government of laws, laws of citizenship and laws of separation.

It is an organized government with a democratic spirit.

It’s not just about the government; it’s about the whole country.

The republic is a way of life that exists, that is very alive, that exists today in America, in the United Kingdom, in France, in Belgium, in Germany, in Sweden and so on.

The first republican constitution in America was in 1776, and that was in a period of almost 150 years.

Today it is very different, and it has a very long history, and the founders knew this, but it’s also about the way the United States is governed, and how we use the power of the federal government.

So a republic is the way of living.

It has a constitutional basis, but that does not mean it’s right, it has its own laws.

The constitution is a very rich document that has many clauses, and many amendments, and they are very, very complex.

It contains all the rules and rules for a republican government, and there are rules for the government, too, but those are not in the constitution, they’re not in any of the other laws that we use.

It just contains the laws, and those laws are different, they are not as clear, and so they are different.

And what is a republican state?

Well, a republic has three elements: a state, a government and an army.

It doesn’t have a supreme power.

The government is a combination of state, army and legislature, and each of these elements has its place.

In a republic, the state is the supreme power, and its job is to ensure that the laws are followed and that the people live in peace and safety.

The army, which is a part of the state, has its job, too.

It helps the state to defend the country, to protect the people, and to keep the country free from outside influence.

In our country, there are many things that the army does, but the most important of these are those related to protecting the country from external danger, from foreign attack, from terrorism.

The state has to have a military force of at least a hundred thousand, because it’s important for the defense of the country and for its own security, and because it keeps the country safe from foreign enemies, and from internal enemies, from people who want to destroy the country.

This is why the army is a vital part of any republic.

Now, this is a great thing, a great constitutional institution, but what is the purpose of the army?

The purpose of an army is to protect you, to defend you against your enemies, to provide you with the means to defend your property, to keep you safe, and in the end to help you to live in a peaceful and free society.

In the United Nations Charter, the United Nation, which represents all the world’s states, it says that the armed forces are the principal bulwark of the international order and the basis of peace and security in the world.

So, the purpose is to defend us against external enemies, external enemies of the United State of America, external threats.

And that is why, by the way, the armed services are in every state in America.

They are also in the military and the police, the police are part of every state.

They also provide the military with arms, and, by law, they have to protect their property and protect their people.

But it’s not all just about this.

They have to defend their country against outside threats, including terrorists.

And the government also has to protect them from internal threats, but in the absence of the armed force, there is no such thing as an armed government.

This, too is a good thing.

The people who rule a republic have to do something to protect us, and I think that is what the armed service does.

But they are also responsible for ensuring that the law is respected and that those who are in power respect the law and obey the law, and protect us from external enemies and external threats, both external and internal.

So this is why it is called a republic.

It gives the people a democratic government and it gives the government a military.

This government and this military have a lot in common, but they also have some differences.

They differ in that the military is not the chief actor in the state.

The military has no right to