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When the Trump administration announced its plan to slash funding for news organizations, it did not mean it was going to eliminate all of the sources they use to report on politics and government.

That would be a huge blow to journalism in America.

But it would also mean the demise of the traditional conservative news source in 2017.

Read moreNews organizations have long relied on social media, news sites and podcasts for their content.

The new wave, however, is taking things to a whole other level.

More and more, conservative sources no longer rely on traditional news sources, instead, they rely on online forums where people share news and opinion.

“We’re in a bubble where there is a lot of noise, and there is no one to listen to the content,” said David Broockman, the president of Media Matters for America.

“People are looking for something to click on.”

It all starts with Facebook.

In 2018, conservative news websites used Facebook as their primary source of news.

The sites that relied on Facebook in 2018 used it more than they did in any year prior, according to the Media Research Center.

Facebook was responsible for about 80 percent of conservative media traffic in 2018, up from about 50 percent in 2017, according the study.

Facebook became so popular because Facebook became so much more than a platform for people to share news.

Facebook allowed users to create profiles, post videos and create news stories.

In many ways, it is the platform of the future for the conservative movement.

Facebook has grown into a social network where users can share their opinions, discuss politics and create political profiles.

People who want to engage in the conservative media movement can share and discuss their ideas on Facebook and other social networks.

The media giants have been instrumental in the rise of conservative politics in the U.S. It is no secret that the right wing is in a free fall, with the media giants having been under heavy pressure to remove content.

They were even pressured by the Trump Administration to remove the word “President” from their site.

But it appears that Facebook is now helping to rebuild the media industry.

For conservatives, Facebook is a place where they can connect with other conservative supporters and spread their message of free markets and limited government.

They can also share their own thoughts on the news, politics and social issues with people they trust.

The conservative media world has had a rough couple of years.

In 2016, Trump lost the popular vote and lost the presidency.

Trump was blamed for the election loss.

He has also been accused of sexual misconduct.

But Trump’s presidency has turned out to be one of the best for conservatives in modern history.

The country has grown increasingly more diverse and more diverse political views have become mainstream.

The number of conservative Republicans has increased by more than 40 percent in the last decade.

This has made conservatives more accessible to people who are not conservative, as well as to those who are.

The Trump administration has also come under heavy criticism for its crackdown on conservative media.

Trump has also faced criticism for his response to the violent protests in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The Trump Administration has also taken a number of steps that have further damaged the credibility of conservative outlets, including the firing of many news executives.

The administration has made it clear that it is willing to fire reporters who don’t toe the line, including Breitbart News and Fox News.

Breitbart News has faced criticism in recent years for its coverage of the “alt-right,” a loose coalition of white supremacists, neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klan members and other hate groups that has formed since Trump’s election.

The administration is also reportedly considering moving Breitbart News off of its official site, as Breitbart News has been accused in the past of being a front for Russia’s propaganda arm.

Breed has also had some problems with the Trump campaign, with news stories that were originally written by the site’s founder and CEO Stephen Bannon often being removed by the administration.

Breeding and marketing of Breitbart News is now a part of the company’s business strategy, according a statement released by Breitbart News on Tuesday.

“Breitbart is proud to serve as a trusted source of conservative commentary and news in the Trump era,” the statement read.

“We look forward to continuing to grow and expand our relationship with Breitbart News.”

Read moreBreitbart has faced accusations of bias for its stories, including when a former employee of the site was accused of being involved in a scheme to extort $150,000 from a woman, according with the New York Times.

The article was based on a dossier compiled by former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele, which said the woman was paid $150 per month to lie about her sexual encounters with a former Trump campaign staffer.

In June, Breitbart News fired a former reporter for the site, who wrote a series of articles critical of Trump.

The company was also hit with allegations of censorship when it banned the news site from its website following its coverage