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By Sami AminAssociated PressAssociated PressAUGUSTA, Maine (AP) – Maine’s latest national newspaper will take over the city-owned Portland Press Herald, a city government spokesman said Tuesday.

The Portland Press is owned by the state of Maine and the city of Portland.

It’s a nonprofit news organization that covers local news and local politics.

Its owner, a group of investors who formed the nonprofit in 1997, said it’s looking for a new owner for the paper.

“We’ve been looking at options for a while now and felt that this was the best opportunity,” said Mayor John Hanlin.

“We were very impressed with the way the newspaper has done business and the fact that it has such a wide reach.

We’re excited about what this opportunity will bring to the city.”

Hanlin says the city is considering buying the paper outright and the new owner could buy the Portland Press in addition to the Portland Daily News, the Oregonian newspaper and other local newspapers.

The new owner would be required to maintain the Portland newspaper’s existing masthead and provide coverage of a wide range of local news.

Hanlin also said the new owners would be able to use a local newspaper’s digital capabilities, which include news articles, videos and photographs.

The city of Augusta, which is about 30 miles (48 kilometers) east of Portland, has owned the Portland paper since 1996.

Augusta Mayor Dan Cappelli says he was pleased to have the city buy the paper from its current owner.

“I think it’s a fantastic investment for Augusta,” Cappellisaid in a news release.

“The Portland paper has a wide audience in Portland, but its future is in a digital world.”

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