India’s military has ‘no intention’ of deploying to Afghanistan June 17, 2021 June 17, 2021 admin

India’s Defence Ministry has said it has no plans to deploy to Afghanistan to train troops.

Military sources said India’s deployment to Afghanistan is a matter for the Afghan government and the military is “working on the logistics of this”.

According to an article in The Hindu, the ministry has told defence companies that “no decision has been taken yet to deploy our forces to Afghanistan”.

It also said that the Defence Ministry was yet to determine whether the deployment will happen in the near future or not.

India has said its forces will help Afghanistan fight a “terror-related war” in the wake of the deadly terrorist attack on an army base in Pathankot, the country’s largest city.

A statement issued by the Defence ministry said that “all the stakeholders including India have agreed that Afghanistan needs a strong and capable Afghan National Army.

Our joint task force in the field will be a good example for the future”.

The Defence Ministry said that in the first phase of the military training in Afghanistan, an additional 1,000 soldiers will be deployed to the country.