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article By ANI KASHISHIAN More than one-third of the Indian newspapers have reported that the Indian government has sent a letter to the publisher of a national daily to stop publication of a story by the author.

The Times of India has told the publisher that the author of the article was not allowed to write any story about the Indian military.

The letter was sent on Monday, the newspaper said on Thursday.

A source said the newspaper had decided to stop publishing the story after receiving the notice.

The Times of Indian newspaper said the decision came after an internal review.

The source added that the decision was taken following a meeting between the editor and the publisher.

The newspaper did not comment on whether the publisher was also asked to stop the publication of the story.

The news came as the Indian parliament was set to debate the government’s decision to impose a nationwide ban on the sale of tobacco and tobacco products, following the coronavirus pandemic.

The government has been considering banning the sale and manufacturing of tobacco products for several months.