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A recent post on a conservative news site argued that the “alt-right” movement, which emerged in the wake of the 2016 election, is actually a “leftist movement,” and the US needs to adopt “some kind of social-democratic” approach to addressing its problems.

“We don’t need to go back to the days when the left controlled the media,” the post read.

“What we need is some kind of progressive social-democrat social-media platform.”

The post drew strong reactions on social media, with several people calling it “dangerous” and “false.”

“If the alt-right was really the movement of the left, they would have been more of a laughingstock of the right,” one person tweeted.

“The alt-left is not a left-wing movement.”

Another called it a “dangerously irresponsible” argument.

“I’m a white man, but I’ve also spent decades with women of color in the workplace and have had to deal with racism and misogyny on a daily basis,” one Twitter user wrote.

So it’s not like the alt is ‘not leftist,’ it’s a progressive movement.” “

In addition, the alt right has been an integral part of the alt-‘left’ movement that was successful in electing Bernie Sanders.

So it’s not like the alt is ‘not leftist,’ it’s a progressive movement.”

The tweet that sparked the backlash on the site was later deleted.

On Monday, a conservative blogger named Charles C. Johnson wrote an article titled “I am an alt-lite, I am an antifa, I support Donald Trump.”

Johnson’s article called on the conservative media to “stop talking about ‘alt-left’ and ‘alt right,'” calling it a smear against conservatives.

He claimed that the term “alt left” is a “progressive term.”

He also said that “the alt-righters are a liberal conspiracy theory group.”

“This is a political strategy, not a political analysis,” Johnson said.

“This idea of the ‘alt left’ and the ‘anti right’ is a dirty word to conservatives and liberals alike.

And it’s dangerous.”

The conservative blogosphere has also been vocal in calling for the resignation of conservative media executive John Binder, who is accused of spreading misinformation about Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Binder is a longtime conservative political consultant who has been criticized for his ties to the alt “alt” movement.

Johnson, who has also written about the alt movements, argued in his article that the word “alt,” when applied to conservatives, is “misused by leftists and liberals.”

“It is the left that is misusing the term ‘alt,'” Johnson said, adding that the left “has a longstanding history of using the term to describe the left.”

Johnson said that the leftist movement is “a dangerous conspiracy theory, a far-left ideology that has been spreading in our country for decades, and we need to shut it down.”

Johnson also said the term alt-lite, which was coined by the alt.right movement, is misleading because it doesn’t refer to people who are “alt right.”

The term alt, which Johnson coined, is also often used to describe people who “don’t identify with the alt, alt-Right, alt culture, alt right-wing or any other movement.”

Johnson argued that conservatives should avoid using the word, and instead “look for something else to use.”

“A true alt-light, as opposed to a leftish term, is the alt movement, the conservative movement, a movement for freedom, liberty, and the American way of life,” Johnson wrote.

Johnson also argued that a person who is a liberal should not call themselves a “alt light,” but rather “alt radical.”

Johnson pointed out that the definition of “alt conservative” is not based on politics, but rather on religion, a term that Johnson himself said is “an oxymoron.”

“The liberal term is ‘alt conservative,’ the left is ‘left-wing,’ the alt comes from the right-left-right,” Johnson argued.

“So if a liberal is called an alt conservative, he should call himself that instead of using that word.”

Johnson has also argued against the use of the term conservative.

He wrote in a column published Monday that he thinks the term should be reserved for people who don’t support conservative candidates.

“If you’re not for conservative candidates, I don’t want to know you, I want to just kill you,” Johnson claimed.

“But I’ll tell you what, if you’re supporting the Republican candidate for president, you should be called an ‘alt Republican.'”