Why Barcelona want to buy Juventus June 15, 2021 June 15, 2021 admin

Luis Enrique has revealed he is open to buying the Spanish giants in the summer after admitting they are “in a tough situation”.

Speaking to reporters at the Gioia Sportiva in downtown Barcelona, the Barcelona coach admitted he had not given up hope of signing the Bianconeri’s current number one and captain, Gonzalo Higuain, but added: “If we could get Higuaine, we would.

If not, we will wait.”

We have the money, but we are not in a position right now to buy.

We need to find a solution.

“The Argentinean president admitted that he has had his eye on the former Real Madrid forward for a while but has not yet been able to make a purchase.”

When you look at the situation, we are in a difficult situation, and it is a good chance to try to buy, but the money is not enough,” he said.”

The players are here.

I would like to bring them to the club.

We know how much they deserve.

“They are not only good players but they are also young, energetic and talented, and that is a very important thing.”

If we buy them, they will become even more important players for us.

The club will have a great season and I am confident that we will win the title.