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The online newspaper Algerian Newspapers (ANP) has published a new privacy policy, which details how users can protect their online privacy, when sharing content online.

The policy outlines a set of privacy settings that users can choose to apply to all of their online activities.

The settings include setting a password to prevent accidental access to websites, a set time limit for web browsing, and limiting access to certain types of personal information.

Users can also choose to disable ads, limit the number of people using their email address or other data, and restrict access to social networking services.

Privacy settings can be found in the Privacy Settings section of the Algeria Online Privacy Policy.

The privacy policy does not address any other areas of privacy for users, such as content posted by third parties, content stored on the internet or content transmitted via the internet.

The news website Algerias Le Nouveau reported on the privacy policy in English on Monday.

The website also shared screenshots of the policy on Twitter, as well as the official French language version of the site.

ANP also announced that it would no longer offer news services to users in France.

The French edition of the news site has a separate privacy policy available, which is also published on its website.

Algerians Le Nouvelle published a statement on its Twitter account, which also included screenshots of its privacy policy.

“We’ve published a privacy policy for the site, but we’ve decided to stop selling it for now, as it doesn’t meet our standards,” it said.

“It’s not just about privacy but also about the safety of our users.”

In an interview with French news website Mediapart, ANP CEO Rachid Haidar said he hopes to have the policy in place by the end of the year.

“I don’t know when that will be,” he said.

However, the French newspaper’s article prompted outrage on social media.

“What a terrible day for our freedom of speech,” one user wrote on Twitter.

The article prompted more than 4,000 retweets and comments.

The company also said it had received requests for clarification from users who want to make their privacy settings available.

However many users are not familiar with privacy settings and are unsure if they are appropriate for sharing with others.

The latest version of ANP’s privacy policy was published on February 10.

ANPA will publish a privacy statement for its customers in English and French on February 17, 2018.

It will also publish a version in French for other languages.

“Privacy settings are an important part of the security of our services and our users’ personal information is important too.

We’re going to introduce the new privacy settings in order to ensure the best user experience for our customers,” Haidan told AFP.

Algezier, a French-language online publication, also published its privacy statement.

In a statement, the publication said it was not planning to stop offering news services for its users.

“Our aim is to continue to offer our readers the most up-to-date and reliable news online, as our readers have already enjoyed this content for over a decade.

We’ve heard from many users who have been very happy to have our services as part of their daily routine,” the statement said.